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Conversation with Mark Chaffin
Mark Chaffin is
Associate Professor and counseling psychologist at the Center on Child Abuse and Neglect of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Our email exchange was inspired by his article in Child Maltreatment which criticized commonly used treatment methods. In his conversation with me, Chaffin says that since he wrote the article, things have gotten worse in some places, but better in others. He rejects the use of arousal reconditioning with most juveniles, but only because most do not have deviant arousal, rather than for ethical reasons. Thus, he accepts the use of arousal reconditioning for certain juveniles, and does not respond to my ethical criticisms. He also does not believe that children are being labeled as offenders for consensual behavior.

Conversation with Brett Vroman
Brett Vroman runs a juvenile sex offender treatment program for the state of Utah. He found this site and emailed me to let me know I have been fooled by juvenile sex offenders who deny their crimes. In our email exchange, he defends the use of arousal reconditioning methods, and writes that juveniles in Utah are not labeled as offenders for consensual behavior. I ask him why the extreme methods used on juvenile sex offenders are not used on other kinds of juvenile offenders, and what is done in Utah to distinguish between illegal consensual and coercive behavior. He replies that reconditioning is more effective with juvenile sex offenders because they are more committed to change than other kinds of juvenile offenders. He also accuses me of being a pedophile.

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