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Ethical Treatment for All Youth
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My background is actually in mathematics and education. I have a master's degree in applied mathematics, and I recently completed my doctorate in mathematics education. I have worked as a mathematician, computer programmer, high school teacher, and university professor (my current job).

When I first learned about what juvenile "sex offender" "treatment" involved, I began feeling very sick, especially when I read about the treatment of younger children. The use of lie detectors, requiring children to identify themselves as deviant monsters, and forcing them to undergo aversion "therapy" shocked me.

After doing some research, it began to make sense. Hopefully, you've read the rest of this site: The fear and lack of knowledge related to youth sexuality. The use of unreliable polygraphs and plethysmographs to assess deviance without any scientific basis. Parents who, out of fear and lack of information, rely on the experts. Experts who assume that all children judged as abnormal are the same: aggressive, monstrously pathological, and manipulative. The belief that the evil within these youth justifies extreme experimental methods without accountability or ethical constraints.

I'm hoping that the only reason this barbaric treatment goes on is because it's hidden from the public and mainstream mental health professionals. Hopefully, regardless of our beliefs about sexual morality and social acceptability, we can agree that sexual abuse of youth must stop, whether it occurs through coerced sex, or through coerced treatment that is psychologically traumatic, inhumane, and based on ignorance.