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An American Travesty: Legal Responses to Adolescent Sexual Offending
By Franklin E. Zimring, University of California Berkeley School of Law
Excerpts from Chapter 4:  The Emergence of Juvenile Sex-Offender Treatment

Don't shoot, we're your children: Have we gone too far in our response to adolescent sexual abusers and children with sexual behavior problems?
By Mark Chaffin & Barbara Bonner, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Juvenile sex offenders: A case against the legal and clinical status quo
By Elizabeth J. Letourneau & Michael H. Miner, Medical University of South Carolina

Coming of Age in America: The Misapplication of Sex-Offender Registration and Community Notification Laws to Juveniles
By Elizabeth Garfinkle, University of California Berkeley

Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Edited by Helmut Graupnerr, JD, Attorney-at-Law, Vienna, Austria and
Vern L. Bullough, PhD, Founder and Emeritus Professor, Center for Sex Research, California State University
Description and Abstract

Report of the Sex Offender Policy Task Force
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Excerpts on treatment and juvenile offenders
Full document (PDF file, offsite)