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By Timothy J. Kahn
Brandon, VT:  Safer Society Press, 1999.
For ages 6-12

(pp. 40-42)

Sometimes wrong touching feels very good for a little while.  Wrong touching can make the person doing it feel strong, powerful, or excited.  Sometimes people don't understand why they should try to stop doing wrong touching.  Here are some reasons that other young boys and girls came up with:

Why Should I Stop Wrong Touching?
1.  I might get in trouble with my teacher.
2.  Other kids will pick on me.
3.  Other kids will tease me.
4.  Other kids will hate me.
5.  Other kids won't play with me.
6.  I will get in trouble with my parents.
7.  I might get in trouble with my treatment group.
8.  I might get arrested by the police.  [Drawing of stern looking policeman]
9.  I might go to jail.
10.  It might hurt the other person.

Now you have learned about what bad things might happen if you don't stop doing wrong touching.  Here are some good things that might happen if you do stop doing wrong touching.

Good Things That Might Happen When I Stop Doing Wrong Touching
1.  People will like me better.
2.  If feels good to treat other people nicely.
3.  My counselor will think I'm doing good in cousneling, and will give me more play time.
4.  My parents will be proud of me.
5.  My teachers will be proud of me.
6.  I will not go to kid's JAIL.
7.  People won't think I am weird or strange.
8.  I won't be afraid of getting into trouble as much.
9.  I won't have to go to court and talk to a judge.
10.  I won't grow up to be a sex offender!

Buzzbee says:  "I'm outa here.  No sex offenders for me!  I'm headed towards a healthy life."  [Drawing of all-terrain vehicle]

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