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8 year old boy charged with sexual "assualt"
Dec. 31, 2006
Authorities say that an 8-year-old boy who was charged with sexually "abusing" a 6-year-old boy told police he got the idea after watching an R-rated movie. The Buffalo News reports that the 8-year-old, who was released to his mother, faces charges of criminal sexual act and aggravated sexual "abuse," both felonies.

Police devote increasing resources to enforcing state's growing list of sex offender laws
Herald & Review, Decatur, IL
Dec. 30, 2006
A law took effect Jan. 1 that dictated when juvenile "sex offenders" turn 17 they have to register as an adult and thereafter will be treated as an adult, Chervinko said.

Boy, 5, Accused Of Sex Harassment
NBC4, Washington, DC
Dec. 20, 2006
A 5-year-old boy "sexually harassed" a kindergarten classmate by pinching her buttocks, Washington County public school officials say. Twenty-eight Maryland kindergarten students were suspended during the 2006-06 school year for "sex offenses," including "sexual assault," "sexual harassment" and sexual activity, according to state data.

Juvenile sex law test heads to higher court
Daily Herald, Chicago
Dec. 11, 2006
This is the first test of the law that went into effect Jan. 1 requiring juvenile "sex offenders" to register on public adult registries when they turn 17. The state has 1,348 registered juvenile "sex offenders."

Teen, both a perpetrator and victim of sex offense, presents legal puzzle
Salt Lake Tribune, UT
Dec. 6, 2006
A 13-year-old Ogden girl could be both an "offender" and a "victim" for the same act - in this case, having consensual sex with her 12-year-old boyfriend. The Utah Court of Appeals last December upheld the judge's refusal to dismiss the allegation.

Ohio Supreme Court overturns case of 11-year-old sex offender
Middletown Journal, OH
Dec. 4, 2006
In a 4-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the boy's constitutional rights were violated when he was forced to take the polygraph test and make self-incriminating statements. The boy identified only as "D.S." was found guilty of "molesting" two boys that were about 11 years old in Warren County Juvenile Court in 2003.

Sex offender law ineffective
The Daily Journal, Kankakee, IL
Dec. 4, 2006
The residency law applies to all people registered for sexual crimes, including men and women convicted of having underage consensual sex while in high school. Taken together, the prohibitions place nearly all the homes in some counties off-limits -- amounting, in a practical sense, to banishment.

Sex offender override fails in House
The State Journal-Register, Springfield, IL
Nov. 16, 2006
Rep. Annazette Collins, D-Chicago, sought the override, saying all juvenile "sex offenders" are forced to register, even if the offense was relatively minor or did not involve a sex act.

Parents of Young Sex Offenders Say Arizona's Laws Too Strict
KTAR Radio, Phoenix
Oct. 30, 2006
"He has few, if any prospects, for any real future"..."How many of you would like a poor decision you made at the age of 13 follow you around for the rest of your life?," asks Richens. At one point, the panel was told there are 100,000 underage Arizona children who are sexually active and under current law, they could all be charged with sex crimes.

Woman wants to 'unadopt' troubled boy
Oct. 10, 2006
"You don't want to throw somebody away," said Helen Briggs, a longtime foster mother. "But sometimes you have to." After the youngster molested a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl
in 2003, he was deemed a "sexual predator" by psychologists.

Challenger says senator too easy on sex offenders
Daily Herald, Chicago
Oct. 10, 2006
A new law that took effect earlier this year now makes all juvenile "offenders" register for life...An offense that might land someone on the juvenile list includes consensual sex between two teens, Harmon said.

N.J. court broadens sex-offender label
Philadelphia Inquirer
Oct. 4, 2006
Defense attorneys have long argued that increasing punishments for sex crimes have turned some cases of sexual experimentation by juveniles into crimes and that Megan's Law requirements can make lifetime registered "sex offenders" of confused youngsters.

Court Upholds Juvenile Registration as Sex Offender

New York Times
Oct. 3, 2006
A 12-year-old boy who violated a 6-year-old playmate with an object must register as a "sex offender" under Meganís Law, even if the act was not sexually motivated, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.

'Sex offender' label makes no distinction
Dallas News
Oct. 2, 2006
An 11-year-old who fondles a 10-year-old classmate could be forced to register as a "sex offender" for a decade. An 18-year-old who's more than three years older than his girlfriend could spend a lifetime on the registry for having consensual sex with her. And once they're on the list, these young "sex offenders" are virtually boxed out of society -- unable to find jobs and housing, and trapped in a vicious cycle of evictions, registration violations and more jail time.

Should juvenile sex offenders be named on the Internet?
Canton Repository, OH
Oct. 1, 2006
President Bush signed the Adam Walsh Act in July. The law would put "sex offenders" as young as age 14 on a national registry along with adults. Critics have expressed concern over publishing the names of juvenile "sex offenders" on the Internet, saying it is an obstacle to reforming kids and may even be an invitation to adult offenders to prey on these kids.

Wash. juvenile sex offender law requires teachers be told
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Sept. 20, 2006
If the young man your daughter sits next to in social studies happens to be a registered "sex offender," that fact is no longer a secret at Washington public schools, thanks to a new law that took effect this month.

Teen sex offender must notify dates' parents
Sept. 18, 2006
A convicted teen "sex offender" must warn the parents of anyone he dates about his crime until he is 18 after the New Jersey Supreme Court declined to hear arguments in the case. Rosenthal said the office fears the decision could allow other courts to impose the notification requirement on other juvenile "sex offenders"...

If there's a sex offender student, schools will know
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Sept. 18, 2006
A new law that went into effect Sept. 1 makes school officials aware if children in their classrooms have been convicted of sex crimes. But some juvenile justice advocates worry that this law is unnecessary because state prison statistics show that juvenile "sex offenders" are much less likely to commit new crimes than anyone convicted of other felonies.

Court weighs warnings about young sex offenders
The Star-Ledger, NJ
Sept. 12, 2006
A new scale designed to assess the risk posed by juvenile "sex offenders" routinely exaggerates the dangers posed by children under 14, a deputy public defender told the state Supreme Court yesterday.

Scully sees little merit in intervention camps
ABC News
Sept 4, 2006
The New South Wales Government says the Opposition's plan to put young "sex offenders" in special intervention camps will do nothing to help their rehabilitation. Police Minister Carl Scully said, "There is no way we are going to allow 15-year-old gang rapists to go and learn how to cook and ride horses."

New plan for child sex offenders
The Age (Australia)
Sept 3, 2006
Young people under the age of 16 who have committed a sex crime or are identified as being at risk of offending could be referred to the camps for treatment. NSW opposition juvenile justice spokeswoman Catherine Cusack told News Ltd it was important to understand the special nature of these "paedophiles."

Summer Press Tour, Day 16: An Explosive Interview
Washington Post
July 26, 2006
People who molest children should have chips embedded in the rectum that would explode if they violate their parole, "America's Most Wanted" star John Walsh told a photographer for Fox and father of two at Summer TV Press Tour 2006 as a couple dozen speechless TV critics looked on.
[Note: John Walsh was leader of the movement to pass
HR 4472 which places juveniles on the national sex offender registry, against recommendations of child welfare, mental health, and justice organizations. Note also that technically, one-third to one-half of "child molestation" is committed by children themselves.]

Life in the Shadows
Creative Loafing
July 19, 2006
Of the more than 10,600 registered "sex offenders" living in Georgia, thousands are on the registry for having consensual sex when they were teenagers, or for lesser crimes such as flashing, peeping through windows and sexual battery, which often translates into inappropriate touching.

Congress Considers Bill To Include Juvenile Sex Offenders On Federal Registry
WJXT News 4, Jacksonville, FL
July 11, 2006
Juveniles might soon learn the hard way. A new bill being pushed through Congress could include juvenile "sex offenders" on a new federal registry.

Sex crimes break the lock on juvenile records
USA Today
July 10, 2006
Some states have recently reconsidered putting juveniles on sex offender registries. In Missouri, a teenager convicted of consensual sex with another teen can appeal to be removed from the non-public police registry. The proposed federal law would require states to put juveniles on public registries after sex offenses are handled in juvenile court.

Boys, six, accused of sexual assault
July 8, 2006
An investigation is under way after two six-year-old boys were accused of "sexually assaulting" two five-year-old girls at a primary school in west Suffolk.

Tougher sex crime bill lowers consent age
Island Packet, SC
July 5, 2006
The so-called "Romeo clause" means people 18 or younger can have consensual sex with someone as young as 14. Evans doesn't like that change, either. Bill Byars, director of the state Juvenile Justice Department, testified that he didn't want lifetime electronic monitoring required for someone under age 17 who is sexually experimenting with someone and may not know that much about sexuality. Smith says "there's going to have to be lots of cleanup" of the new law when the Legislature reconvenes in January.

Challenge to Indiscriminate Ga. Sex Offender Law Validated
The New Standard
July 3, 2006
The Southern Center for Human Rights and several people targeted by the law are arguing in a class-action lawsuit that it is unconstitutional because it does not distinguish between people who are violent sexual predators and those who are in the registry for having consensual sex with under-age peers. One of the named plaintiffs is in the registry merely for failing to stop her under-age daughter from having sex with another teen. Another plead guilty to a "sodomy" charge when she was 17 years old, after being caught engaging in consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Va. Students to Be Checked for Sex Offense
CBS News
June 22, 2006
A new law requiring Virginia's colleges to hand over prospective students' personal information to police for cross-checking against sex offender lists is coming under fire from privacy advocates and education leaders.

U.S. Appeals Court Rejects Arousal Test for Sex Offender
L.A. Times
June 21, 2006
Critics, including the American Psychiatric Assn., have called the test unreliable, according to the appellate court's opinion. Noonan called the test Orwellian because it would not only measure Weber's genitalia but also probe his "innermost thoughts as well." "A prisoner should not be compelled to stimulate himself sexually in order for the government to get a sense of his current proclivities," Noonan wrote in his concurrence with Judge Marsha Berzon's opinion. "There is a line at which the government must stop. Penile plethysmography testing crosses it."

Kids banned from child care centre
Sunday Times, Australia
June 20, 2006
Three children aged under six have been banned from a WA childcare centre after being accused of sexually "abusing" other children. WA's Department for Community Development investigates allegations they sexually "interfered" with other children, also aged under six.

Court: Juvenile sex offender must warn date's parents of case
May 16, 2006
A teenage convicted "sex offender" has to warn the parents of anyone he dates about his crime until he is 18 under a decision upheld Tuesday by a New Jersey appeals court.

Child Welfare Investigates School Sex Acts
WTOP Radio, Washington, DC
May 3, 2006
The incident involves a 5-year-old girl allegedly engaging in sex acts with several boys on a playground at Green Castle Elementary School during recess, Montgomery County Police say.

Sex, lies and prison
May 3, 2006
The moral of Gorman's story is that boys and men accused of rape have little hope of reclaiming the life they once knew, regardless of whether they're guilty or innocent.

Online, juvenile sex offenders treated same as adults
Delaware News-Journal
April 22, 2006
The easy, online availability of juveniles' personal information worries their families and counselors, especially in light of the slayings of two adult sex offenders in Maine last weekend.

Judge rules against Kline in teen-sex case
Wichita Eagle
April 19, 2006
Kansas' chief law enforcement officer misread the law, a federal judge in Wichita ruled Tuesday. In a case watched across the nation, U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten ruled that Kansas health care providers should retain discretion in deciding what teenage sexual activities they report to the state as "abuse." Attorney General Phill Kline had wanted most sexual contact involving children under age 16 reported.

Give judges discretion on juvenile sex crimes
Detroit News
April 17, 2006
Stigmatizing juvenile offenders without a chance for some sort of legal process may well doom them to a marginal existence with no chance to recover from a youthful mistake.

Court eyes kid games in age of sex crime
Star-Ledger, NJ
April 5, 2006
The New Jersey Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday on whether a teenager who, at age 12, was caught "playing doctor" with his 6-year-old brother must register as a sex offender under Megan's Law.

Teen Faces Child Porn Charges For Posting Pics Of Friends
NewsNet 5, Akron, OH
March 29, 2006
Prosecutors charge Ryan Zylstra, 17, posted a picture of two teens having sex on his blog. The photo was taken at a New Yearís Eve party at Zylstraís home. Zylstra now faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the most serious charges, which are felonies.

Childhood sex offender seeks a second chance
Detroit Free Press
March 29, 2006
DuBuc was just 10 years old when she was charged with molesting her younger stepsiblings. ...five years of reporting have convinced me that only a fraction of the 23,000 registered offenders who are not incarcerated pose a continuing threat. Many of the rest are former youthful offenders like DuBuc, who face lifetimes of ostracism for childhood sex play.

Woman, teen face child porn charges
ABC 6 News, Providence, RI
March 29, 2006
A woman and a teenage girl are accused of posting sexually explicit photographs of themselves on the Internet. Police say Elizabeth Muller, of North Smithfield, and an unnamed 16-year-old from Lincoln were arrested and have been charged with one count each of child pornography.

Westfield girl, 18, charged with having sex with minor
Indianapolis Star
March 24, 2006
A Westfield High School girl is being prosecuted on felony charges of sexual misconduct with a minor for having sex with a 15-year-old schoolmate. The father of Laura M. Wilcox, an 18-year-old senior indicated that he and his wife were puzzled by the case involving consenting teens.

Lawmakers try to accommodate consensual teen sex
WCAX-TV, Burlington, VT
No date (ca. March 2006)
A Senate committee has taken up a House-passed bill that seeks to decriminalize sex between consenting teenagers, so long as they're both at least 15 and within three years in age. Vermont's age of consent under current law is 16 and a 17-year-old having consensual sex with a 15-year-old can be prosecuted for sexual assault on a minor.

Ohio Supreme Court weighs merits of youth polygraphs
Cincinatti Enquirer
March 15, 2006
A Warren County boy took his case to the Ohio Supreme Court, with his lawyer arguing that he shouldn't be ordered to take lie-detector tests as part of his probation. "D.S." is an 11-year-old sex offender found guilty of molesting two other boys of about the same age in 2003.

Bill's failure leaves bitter feelings
Charleston Daily Mail, WV
March 13, 2006
It failed in the Senate 23-11 later that night. Kessler said under the law, a 16-year-old could go to prison for 25 years for kissing a 12-year-old.

Jury says 'no' to punishing teen in assault
Galveston County Daily News
March 7, 2006
The younger boy's sister testified that in 2003 she saw the older boy on top of her brother, with their shorts pulled down...at least some on the panel believed the legal ordeal had been punishment enough for something the boy did when he was 14. The teen could have faced probation to 40 years in prison. Upon his 18th birthday, he will have to register as a sex offender and do so for the next 10 years.

Nipple Pincher Gets Juvenile Detention
ABC News
March 2, 2006
A teen who pinched and twisted another boy's nipple while standing in line at a deli has been sentenced to four days in juvenile detention because he refused to write a letter that explained his actions. The offender is required to describe the act in detail, explain "thinking errors," "express empathy" and describe any resultant life changes. He said he balked when told he must also describe his "criminal thought processes."

Children Harassed at Alarming Rate
KTEN News, Oklahoma City
Feb. 25, 2006
A case of sexual harassment at a Johnston County school has authorities investigating five students. Parents say two five-year-olds from Mansville Elementary School are included in the investigation.

Panel OKs bill on sex-crime penalties
Louisville Courier-Journal
Feb. 24, 2006
The new bill eliminated many changes that opponents had criticized as too punitive toward children who commit sex offenses. That included requiring more juveniles to be prosecuted as adults and requiring children who commit felony sex offenses to be placed on the state's sex-offender registry.

Kane teen challenges new sex-offender law
Chicago Tribune
Feb. 24, 2006
A 16-year-old Kane County boy convicted of a sex offense three years ago is challenging the constitutionality of a new state law that will require him to register as an adult sex offender within 10 days of his 17th birthday.

Welcome, Auntie Em, to Kansas
Washington Post Writers Group
Feb. 23, 2006
Kansas is one of 12 states in which underage sex is a crime even when it involves teenage peers. In short, health care workers have to rat on 15-year-old sexual criminals who are lustily and mutually "abusing" each other in the back seat of a Toyota.

Area authorities attempt to increase students' awareness
Dunklin Democrat, Kennett, MO
Feb. 23, 2006
KHS principal Ed Siebenhuener introduced the first speaker, Crawford, who focused on the laws relating to sexual misconduct and made students aware that he and others are prepared to enforce the law.

Kissing game lands boy, 11, on sex charge
The Scotsman
Feb 21, 2006
An 11-year-old boy has been charged in connection with an alleged sexual incident involving a fellow pupil of the same age. The boy's mother said: "They were kissing, it was a game of dares. My son wants to clear himself. He said he would never kiss a girl again." A city council spokeswoman said: "Since this is an ongoing child-protection issue and a report has gone to the Procurator Fiscal and Children's Reporter it would be inappropriate for us to comment."

Overhaul sex registry or cause more damage
Detroit Free Press
Feb. 20, 2006
New laws restricting the movement, residential options and career choices of registered offenders have condemned thousands of young people to lifetimes of shame and ostracism. Some of them are 16-year-olds who had consensual sex with a girlfriend who is 15.

Government should Ďbutt outí of young peopleís sex lives
Lawrence Journal-World, KS
Feb. 14, 2006
Kansas Atty. Gen. Phill Kline argues that if you are under that age, you canít legally consent to have sex, no matter how adamantly you feel you can. If you canít consent, sex constitutes child abuse because it is inherently harmful.

A Kansas Case Reveals the Dark Side of Mandatory Reporting
Feb. 08, 2006
When, as in the case of teen sex, there is considerable controversy about whether the conduct is even abusive, it seems highly irresponsible to pursue the zero-tolerance approach that the Kansas Attorney General has adopted.

Is The State Condemning Our Kids?
KAKE-TV, Wichita, KS
Feb. 8, 2006
We searched the state's sex offender website and found dozens of children, their faces, crimes and addresses plastered on the Internet for all the world to see... In some cases that includes children as young as ten.

Boy, 6, hit with sex harass rap
Boston Herald
Feb. 8, 2006
A 6-year-old boy was suspended for alleged sexual harassment, a term deemed "preposterous" for a first-grader by a leading sexual harassment expert.

Registry is called unfair to young
Kansas City Star
Feb. 5, 2006
For more than a year he has been one of Kansasí registered sex offenders, from an incident that happened when he was 12. It was an incident, his mother said, that therapists told her could not be considered much more than typical sexual experimentation for a child his age.

Trial Opens in Challenge to Law Over Teenage Sex
New York Times
Jan. 31, 2006
A federal trial opened here Monday over whether a Kansas law prohibiting virtually all sexual activity by people under age 16 means health care professionals and educators must report such behavior to state authorities.

Kansas AG lauds teen-sex ruling
Kansas City Star
Jan. 29, 2006
Bolstered by an appellate court ruling, Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline on Saturday said he would demand anew that all health professionals report cases of underage sexual activity.

Sex crime bill may snare teens
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Jan. 24, 2006
If the bill passes, a youth of 13, 14, 15 or 16 who engages in mutual sexual activity with a child under 14 could be prosecuted for aggravated sexual crimes, tried as an adult and face a minimum 25-year sentence. Franklin E. Zimring, a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, called the bill "a penal policy nervous breakdown."

Should juveniles be on sex offender registry?
Wichita Eagle
Jan. 22, 2006
Some parents say it unfairly opens kids up to ridicule and brands them as outcasts. "People just assume all these kids are out there committing these horrible, horrible acts. And that's not true."...Congress is considering a bill that would require all juveniles convicted of a sex crime to register as an offender for life.

Teenís 10-Year-Term for Consentual Sex Draws Attention to Georgia Law
Black America Web
Jan. 10, 2006
For engaging in oral sex with their peers, the boys were arrested and charged with rape, aggravated sodomy and aggravated child molestation. Four decided to accept a plea bargain, avoiding 10-year sentences, but forever being labeled sex offenders.

State panel works on details of new child-sex law
Tallahassee Democrat
Jan. 5, 2006
The sex-offender registry contains persons who are required to register for consensual sex between boyfriend and girlfriend.

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