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Journalists, politicians, and others who fuel the fire of fear and hatred for children who violate sex laws

WTMJ-TV, Milwaukee, WI
For failing to distinguish between abusive and non-abusive illegal sexual behavior by juveniles, and for inflaming public fears over children who violate sex laws without informing the public with any facts:

"A big I-Team investigation uncovered hundreds of juvenile sex offenders in Wisconsin schools. The scariest part: the law doesn’t let parents or classmates know who they are."

WHAM-TV, Rochester, NY
For inflaming fears about children who violate sex laws by implying that they are all violent and brutal, and by blatantly misusing the word "pedophile":

"Although they commit one of every four sex offenses against children, one population of offenders is protected and their records are kept confidential--because they themselves are children...In Monroe County, 35 to 40 pedophiles a year, aged 7 to 15, are returned to their parents, communities and schools.  In certain cases, the schools are never notified."

KCBD-TV, Lubbock, TX
For failing to distinguish between children who commit abusive acts and those who engage in mutually-desired, non-coercive sexual behavior that is illegal, and for dehumanizing them all by calling them "predators":

"A NewsChannel 11 investigation took a look at the issue of juvenile sex offenders in the classroom back in January. Now, the Texas Senate is taking steps to protect children and teachers who unknowingly are in close contact with these predators everyday."