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As told by his mother

My son "J" was accused of molesting his younger brother. He was placed in a sex offender treatment institution. His brother admitted that he had lied because he was mad. "J" consistently denied doing anything to his brother and passed several polygraphs. They still didnít send him home. He has been locked up for over a year and we have no idea when he will be home. The following are parts of letters written by "J".

Hello, my name is "J" and I was sent to Resource Treatment Facility in 2003. When I got here, I was greeted by my therapist. She did a mental and history assessment on me. When we were done she said I had told her the biggest lies she had heard in her career here at Resource. From there on she has called me a liar on everything I have said to her. She started asking me a bunch of questions from the police report and from a prior treatment facility. I answered them to the full extent of truth. She still said I was lying to her. Another time she said, "If you keep lying to me I am going to cut off your visits." Iím tired of this place. I want to go home now.

Mom, now they are threatening me that I will have to stay here for a year if I donít admit the charges against me. And they said that you and dad said I did this and you were afraid that I might do it again. I donít believe it but if you did say this please tell me. I am scared real bad now.

Because of these allegations against my oldest son, all of my children were taken away from me. I have done everything CPS has asked but still do not have my family together. A date for "J" to come home has been set several times, but when that day comes, they decide to keep him longer. He has not done anything to deserve this. 

Distraught Mother
Indianapolis, IN