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As described by the organizer of “Families and Children Exploited Sexually” (FACES).

We live in Indianapolis and are unfortunate to have at least four juvenile facilities that treat sex offenders. Three of these were set up by the same psychiatrist and he sold them last year for a large amount of money. FACES is an organization that was formed by Indiana families who have had a child arrested for sexual behavior and placed in one of these centers.

These boys have not raped anyone. They are victims of childish curiosity, raging hormones, and an overwhelming amount of inappropriate information that has been fed to them by various media throughout their lives. These boys are not aware that a couple of minutes of pleasure can cause them years of agony and perhaps even destroy their entire families.

The following is a partial list of what these kids are put through for many months, even years:

  • They are separated from the much needed support of their families.

  • They must discuss, in detail, every sexual thought, act and fantasy since age five.

  • Counselors try to convince them that they have had many "victims" and were guilty of grooming them.

  • They are required to fill out daily fantasy charts and tell if they masturbated.

  • They must attend group therapy sessions where they are called liars or accused of being "in denial" in front of peers.

  • They are threatened with being sent to the state Department of Corrections if they do not "work the program," and are told that they will be beaten and raped by other inmates there.

  • They are given polygraphs and told that if they pass they may get out sooner. So they try to anticipate what answer is needed to pass.

  • They are treated by unlicensed therapists.

  • They are forced to take drugs that are not FDA approved for children and the long term effects of these drugs is not known.

  • When they become frustrated and angry they are thrown against walls or door frames, or knocked to the floor. The result is bruises, rug burns and even broken bones.

FACES members have been busy contacting state legislators. We have made contact with Congressman Mike Pence and have been promised a meeting soon. We met Mitch Daniels briefly, candidate for Governor, and gave much information to someone he recommended.

We held a demonstration at Resolute Treatment Center a few months ago. We also reported the lack of licensing issues at Resolute to the Health Professions Bureau. In Indiana, they don't take any action until the complaint has been investigated by the Attorney General's office. Several families have filed complaints with the Attorney General's Office, and we are told it is actively investigating them. That has been going on for about a year and we have no idea when, if ever, they will take action.

These institutions take in $300.00 per child per day for warehousing and torturing kids. They hide behind the confidentiality law to keep kids quiet and try to prevent parents from sharing information.

Janet Boeldt
Indianapolis, IN
Submitted July 2004