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As told by his father

At age 16 my son, too, underwent three torturous years of “therapy”, after accepting an Alford plea because of a false accusation. We quickly learned that guilty until proven innocent rules the courts in these matters, and every roadblock, such as confidentiality laws, will be incorporated to assure no one proves innocent.  He was told he must pass a polygraph “confessing” the crime, after being jailed for passing three showing he didn't do it.  

As a person who has witnessed this horror from the perspective of an innocent person sacrificed for “the cause”, I have learned a whole lot about “justice”. I have withstood the accusation of “pedophile protector” when observing how incredibly evil and wrong all this is. I have been informed that innocent people are to be sacrificed in order to attain justice for those who were harmed by the guilty. It has shed a whole different perspective on the entire matter.

Submitted March 23, 2004